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Comics Projects

OPENSOURCE – MULTI MEDIA COMIC BOOK (a mixture of Comics, Novel, Audiobook, Live Action and Animation)

Romare Theopolis 
Born in Tuskegee Alabama, the son of a theoretical physicist, and woman of unknown origins. Shortly after his birth he moved with his father to Switzerland where his father researched and worked with the (group) building and designing the plans for the first super collider. Learning English, Dutch, and Italian by the age of 4 years old he and his father moved back to the United States where his father worked at various universities, think tanks, and consulting jobs until his untimely death at 61, when Romare was 20 years old.
            Romare retreated to India and Pakistan where he studied Buddhism, and meditation for years until returning to the states to take a position at Ujamaa University‚Äôs, Udig. Institute of physics.
            A Mysterious packaged arrive, notes of his father, and his work before his birth. Works on meditation, time travel, simulation theory.

Peter Coltrane Todd
Born in 2050 in greater east Los Diego, Southern California state of California. Peter Coltrane Todd lives a regular life with his family, his dad, his sister, and mother. When he was younger his dad disappeared during a police raid of their home. He saw his dad walk into a closet and never come out. Everyone acted like he never existed but Peter remembers fondly playing with his father often as a small child. His father was/is and mother are scientists.